Prague for Children

Prague Toy Museum

(Muzeum hracek) Jirská 4, Prague 1 (2437 2294/2437 1111).
Metro Malostranská/22 tram. Open 9.30am-5.30pm daily. Admission 40Kc; 20Kc students, OAPs; under-15s free; 50 Kc family ticket.

A surprisingly nice little place with lots of antique trains and dolls, complete with English-language signs on most of them. There are not many things for the kids to touch, but there are plenty of mysterious mechanical objects such as music boxes and steam-powered toys for the kids to speculate about. There is a Barbie exhibit on the second floor that is quite interesting.

Historic Tram

(info 312 3349/9612 4900)
Times Apr-Oct hourly. Fare 15 Kc; 7 Kc children.

A great sightseeing refuge for tired feet, this quaint, wood-framed tram travels a loop from Vystavistę, down the banks of Malá Strana, across to the National Theatre, through Václavské námęstí and back to Vystavistę by way of Námęstí Republiky. It can be joined at any stop on the route.

Marionette Theater

When marionette theater died out in other parts of Europe, it didn't die out here, and the Czechs today are quite famous for their marionettes. 
Dejvice Theater (Dejvicke Divadlo), Zelena 15a, Prague 6, tel. 311 2365, 311 2430


The Prague Zoo

The Eiffel Tower

Boat ride on river



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