Old Town Bridge Tower

The entrance gate from the Old Town to the Charles Bridge, designed by Petr Parler. One of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Europe. The tower contains copies of the enthroned figures of Charles IV and Wenceslas IV. 

A former Jesuit college, the building dates from the mid-17th century. It now houses the National Library of the Czech Republic and the State Technical Library. 

The Municipal House

One of the most precious treasures of "Art Noveau" style, containing rich decoration inside and out (Mucha, Myslbek, Saloun, Svabinsky, Ales, Zenisek), and housing the well known Smetana concert hall. 


St. Agnes the Czech Convent

Prague 1, Anezska ulice 

An ensemble of ecclesiastical and residential buildings founded by the King Wenceslas II in 1234. At present there is an exhibition from the National Gallery (Czech paintings and sculptures - 19. century), and a concert hall.

Powder Tower

A Gothic building from 1475 constructed by Matthias Rejsek and once probably used to store gunpowder. Modified in 1875-86. 


The original Charles University building, established in 1348. A Gothic bay chapel of 1370 was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1718. At present, Charles University graduation ceremonies take place there. 

The Estates' Theatre

Opened in 1783 as the Nostic Theatre. The premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni was given here on October 29, 1787. 


Prague Jewish Ghetto

Seven synagogues remain from this old settlement which includes the Jewish Town Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery - the most remarkable in Europe.


The historical center of the city and site of many significant events; there is a monument to the reformer Jan Hus by Ladislav Saloun. A unique complex of architectural and historic monuments.


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